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How to Create Account Idol Champ Easy

How to Create Account Idol Champ - We have prepared a tutorial where you will learn to create your Idol Champ account and use it 100%, getting hearts and preparing to vote in Show Champion.

The App has had an update (September 2019), in which they made many changes in the way to get Hearts. Later we will explain other updates and their functions ☺️

Create an Account:

1.- Install the App.

Android, iOS Γ³ APK.

2.- Once installed, we will register:

✔️Select the three stripes in the upper left corner:

✔️ Click on the following section:

✔️ Register with the social media of your choice. We will use G-mail πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

✔️Enter your email and password.

✔️ 1️⃣Accept the terms and conditions

      2️⃣Enter the security code

      3️⃣Click confirm

✔️ Go to the side menu and access MY.

In there you can add your new NICKNAME and your profile picture.

✔️Now select your favorite artist, in this case: MONSTA X.

✔️ In My Profile you will find your LEVEL, the number of pink and blue hearts you have, as well as you can check the history of your hearts and votes.

✔️ Usage history

How do hearts work? How can I get them? What is the difference between each one?

How do hearts work?

In the new update we can see that now the hearts are divided into Blue πŸ’™ and Roses πŸ’–, shortly we will explain the difference of each one:

1. Chamsim time πŸ’™ (blue color)

How to win them?:

Attendance: 10 hearts (PER DAY)

Writing comments in Fandom Add: 20 hearts (Only for the 1st comment)

Receiving likes: 20 hearts to get more than 30 likes in your comments (Once a day)

By solving the quizzes: You will win the total hearts announced according to the quizz.

How to use them: In the IDOL CHAMP Charts.

Features: ⚠️Blue hearts last only a period of time; that is, they will expire every end of the month (the 1st of each month). That is why it's important to use them before they expire.

2. Ruby Chamsim πŸ’– (Pink Color)

How to win them ?:

Writing comments in Fandom Add: 20 hearts (Only for the 1st comment)

Seeing advertising: 2 hearts per video. (Is limited)

Buying them

How to use them?: In Voting, in live broadcasts, in the fandom ads section (AD) and in some IDOLCHAMP Chart.

Features: ⚠️Pink hearts have no expiration time, can be cumulative and will last forever.

How to get hearts, either FREE or through pay?

✔️In the Idol Champ Shop option we can access 3 different ways to win hearts / stars:

✔️In the HEART section you can buy hearts, the app will be in charge of converting the cost of won to your country's currency ^^

✔️In the FREE section you can win hearts in two ways:

✅ Either playing advertising videos (You will get 2 pink hearts per video - they are limited per day)

✅ Participating in surveys / downloading apps (this is mostly for Korean users)

πŸ’œCOMMUNITY (COMMUNITY): Here you can access to post / comment. For the first comment of the day, you will get 20 pink hearts πŸ’–.

You will receive 20 blue hearts πŸ’™ when you get more than 30 likes in your comments (Once a day).

πŸ’œIn Community, you can access the FANDOM AD and VOTE.

✔️In VOTE, you will have access to all the votes where MONSTA X or any member is nominated in IDOL CHAMP.

✔️In FANDOM AD, you can also leave your comment for which you will receive: 20 blue hearts πŸ’™. And 20 blue hearts πŸ’™ to get more than 30 likes in your comments (Once a day).

What is each section of IDOL CHAMP for?

We briefly explain some of the sections that IDOL CHAMP includes:

✔️VOD. In this section you can find all the presentations of SHOW CHAMPION

3. VOTE. Here you can find all the votes that are active. (In comeback season we access the SHOW CHAMPION pool, to vote)

Some votes require blue hearts and other roses. ⚠️ Always check first before giving your votes! or you could lose your hearts πŸ™πŸ»

As soon as the comeback begins we will explain how to vote πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

4. QUIZ. The easiest and fastest way to get points is to solve the TEST, just be careful, because once resolved it can no longer be answered again.

The QUIZ only give blue hearts.

⚠️Recommendation: Answer the quizz always during the Monsta X comeback month, otherwise, all the points you get from them will be eliminated on the 1st of each month.


1. Are blue hearts erased every month?

A = Yes, they are eliminated on the 1st of each month.

2. Is it advisable to accumulate blue hearts?

R = Yes, as long as MONSTA X is making a comeback during that same month.

3. Does answering the quiz help something?

A = Yes, but we will always recommend you answer them during the MONSTA X comeback month otherwise, they will expire and you will not be able to answer them again.

4. Can I have several IDOL CHAMP accounts?

A = Yes, you can do it, only you should consider that most of its benefits are obtained by mobile device, that is, you will not be able to answer a quiz from two accounts on the same phone, since they will only give you your hearts in one account.

5. How can I know what hearts will subtract me from voting?

R = Each Poll will tell you which hearts will be subtracted. Once your blue hearts have run out, they will begin subtracting from the roses.

6. How can I level up?

R = Voting in Poll. Of course, always check which hearts will be subtracted from you πŸ™πŸ»

Do you have another question? Contact us via Inbox or DM! ☺️

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