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How To Create Account StarPlay

How To Create Account StarPlay

How To Create Account StarPlay - We share with you this short tutorial about the new voting application in THE SHOW program. We recommend that you read the entire tutorial to understand the operation and structure of this new App. We hope you like it!


It is an application very similar to STARPASS, with the difference that it will be the new application for the next votes in THE SHOW and contains (for now) a smaller number of activities / functions.

Another super cool and important is that this new application keeps its buttons and options with the same structure for both Android and iOS users πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

We have seen that different questions have arisen regarding the change of application and if the points can be transferred from one app to another (STARPASS -> STARPLAY), which is understandable, since it has been a very sudden change. What is known so far is that this change will not be possible.

How to install / use Starplay ?:


The first thing we must do is install the App on our devices, it is currently available for both iOS and ANDROID, we leave the links here:

iOS: id1470904745



Once the App is installed, we go on to register (it's super easy and fast πŸ˜‰)

✅ We recommend entering through a social network (preferably G-Mail).


Once we enter with a social network we must fill in some fields:

The first box must be filled with a Nickname. (That is not in use).

To fill in the other options, you only need to click on the first box. (With this you are accepting the terms and conditions and you ensure that you have read the App use policies).


We move on to the important part 😎

We click on the three lines on the upper right side:

In the following Menu you can find different functions, from "Edit your profile" , "Get points" "Terms and Conditions" "Modify the Language" among others more ...

First we will go to Select our Favorite Group πŸ’š ( MONSTA X )

We click the small circle with the sign "+" and seek MONSTA X .

We will have to make the difficult decision to choose a member 😭

We click on "Accept".

⚠️We have the opportunity to select 2 members, in case of generating more spaces, you will have to pay with 10 Silver Stars for each one.

We return to the previous menu and now we agree to verify our profile data (in which case you wish to make a change to your nickname / profile photo or you wish to know the History of the use of your points.

We will explain the function of each number shortly:

1. You can change your profile picture without any problem, or further by clicking on the pencil you can modify your nickname.

2. In this option you can review your profile and points history.

3. And in the one that follows you can review the history of your votes for THE SHOW.

κ³¨λ“œ μŠ€νƒ€ 토큰 = Total GoldStars

싀버 μŠ€νƒ€ 토큰 = Total SilverStars

νˆ¬ν‘œκΆŒ = Total Votes for THE SHOW.

Another function is the language change, we can select to put our application in English:


Getting points in this App is easy and fast and offers different ways to achieve it:

We access the icon in the form of a shop 🏬

The first option that appears is the purchase of Golden Stars. (Which can be purchased, then become Silver Stars and later become THE SHOW points)

The free option offers two methods for obtaining Silver Stars: Watching advertising videos and / or solving Missions.

The options that come out this window are the following:

1. View advertising to generate Silver Stars.

2. Perform Missions.

3. Convert Golden Stars to Silver Stars.

4. Convert Silver Stars to Votes for THE SHOW.

To get Silver Stars by watching advertising videos:

πŸ’šIt is important to see the advertisement completely.

πŸ’šDon't skip it!

πŸ’š For each video you will receive 10 Silver Stars as a gift.

πŸ’šMaximum 50 points per hour.

The next option is the resolution of some Quizes.

πŸ’šThere is no limit!

πŸ’šYou must obtain the points corresponding to each of the solved ones.

πŸ’šIt is highly recommended not to leave the application / quizz page until you solve it, otherwise they may not give you your Silver Stars ☹️

To convert your Golden Stars to Silver Stars you just have to select the following option:

πŸ’š For every 10 Golden Stars you will receive 1 Silver Star.

1. Click the button to select all your golden stars.

2. Convert your Golden Stars ⭐️

Confirm your conversion!

And voila you have converted your Golden Stars!

To convert your Silver Stars into Votes for THE SHOW, you must select the following option:

It is important to consider that:

πŸ’šFor every 10 Silver Stars you will get 1 Vote for THE SHOW.

πŸ’šThe Silver Stars are eliminated every 15th of each month, so we recommend that as you get your points, you convert them into points for THE SHOW (which are eternal).


For now we will not update the voting method yet, but it is practically the same procedure as for STARPASS.

To access the active voting section, all you have to do is click on the voting icon in the center at the bottom:

In StarPlay you can find some active voting boards of the Application itself.


Pre-voting for THE SHOW begins every day on Friday at 8:00 PM KST and ends on Monday at 8:00 PM KST. The votes for this pre-vote are UNLIMITED.

1. We enter the application and go to the following banner:

2. Select MONSTA X

3. Enter the number of votes you want and accept. (In this pre-voting the votes are unlimited).

4. Ready, you have voted successfully!


In the event that MONSTA X is nominated during the program we have the opportunity to participate in the Voting, this will only be active during the programming of THE SHOW. (That is why it is very important to watch the program on TUESDAYS Live).

The votes allowed for this vote are LIMITED TO 3 per account / device.

For now this would be all Monbebe, we appreciate your attention and we hope that this tutorial has been very helpful, if you have any questions do not think about it much and write us on any of our social networks, we are here to support you ♡

We will be aware of the updates of the App, to inform you of the changes in the processes πŸ’š Let's go with everything Monbebe!

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