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How To Create Account Mubeat Easy

How To Create Account Mubeat Easy

How To Create Account Mubeat Easy _ We share a new tutorial! This is a new application called Mubeat, this app has a high importance as Idol Champ / Starplay.

Their Heart beats are used to vote during the pre-voting periods for the Show! Music Core, this could give us an important percentage to be able to nominate MONSTA X in that program.

Let's start!

1. Download the Application:

📌 iOs

📌 Android

2. Go to the app to register:

To register, go to the user icon that appears at the bottom right:

Select: Registration.

You can create your account by linking it to any of the following social media: Facebook, Twitter or Google.

To continue with your registration, you must "Accept the terms and conditions".

You can edit your profile from the following option:

Customize your profile:

1. Cover image

2. Profile photo

3. Display name

4. Biography

Aquí podrás acceder a la información de tu perfil.

3. How to get Heart Beats for free?

Go to the "Store"

What is a Heart beat?

💜Heart Beats are points that can only be acquired for free.

      They expire 90 days after being earned (KST) from the date obtained.

      Can be used to Vote during Show Music Core pre-voting!, projects etc.

To get free Heart beats 💜 there are two options:

1. Watching advertising videos.

      There are 15 videos available per day and 3 Heart beat are obtained for each video.

      The number of videos available to watch per day restarts every day at 12:00 AM KST.

2. Completing missions to earn Heart beats.

1. Always wait for the ad / video ad ends, otherwise you won't be awarded your Heart beats.

2. Always make sure to complete such quests without leaving the app otherwise you might not receive your Heart Beat.

To find how many Heart Beats you have, enter your profile and access the "Beats" option.

Here you can find:

1. Your number of Stars.

    2. Your Heart Bets number.

    3. Your history of earned points.

    4. Your usage history.

3. Register to the MONSTA X profile.

1. Enter the search engine and search for MONSTA X.

2. Enter your profile and click "Follow".

4. How to vote for the Show! Music Core?

To vote, enter the voting option and access the current pre-vote of Show! Music Core.

During the comeback we will give you more details to vote!

Thank you so much for your support Monbebe! ♡ Don't forget to collect your daily points to prepare for the next comeback 🙌🏻 Fighting! ✨

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